Recent studies show that youth basketball in Indiana has become divided. Divided into the haves and have-nots meaning those who can afford training and competition via expensive programs that cost thousands of dollars and simply those who cannot.

Athletic participation for kids ages 6 through 12 is down almost eight percent (8%) over the last decade and children from low-income households are half as likely to play one day’s worth of team sports than children from households earning at least $100,000.  Young basketball players with burgeoning talent and a willingness to work should not be sidelined just because of their families’ limited resources.

At PRIDE ACADEMY we aim to make developmental, non-parent coached basketball accessible to all income levels.  As a not-for-profit, PRIDE ACADEMY relies on sponsorships and private donations. That’s where anyone can help!  Donations help to cover cost of leagues, gym rentals, compensation for coaches and trainers and allows PRIDE ACADEMY to provide the highest level of competition and training at a fraction of the cost.

Our PRIDE ACADEMY is built on diversity and is open and affordable to everyone!  Show up to any of the PRIDE ACADEMY trainings or watch any of our PRIDE ACADEMY teams and you will see a diverse group of kids!  The PRIDE ACADEMY not-for-profit was formed to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience sports training and competition at the highest level, not just those that can afford it.

At PRIDE ACADEMY we believe sports can unite world, so it is important that PRIDE ACADEMY represents the world and is inclusive to all!

We are focused on teaching young athletes, not only the fundamentals to be successful in sports, but the fundamentals to be successful in life. We provide a foundation for what it takes to achieve and accomplish goals the right way!

We create a strong foundation built on the following:

P. Principles – If you want to be happy, enjoy life, and achieve your dreams, then you need to remind yourself every day about your principles. Everyone should have a certain set of goals to shoot for and rules to live by. Think of it as a code of conduct for yourself.

R. Respect – Treat people as you hope to be treated. Respect your elders, your parents, your family, your teachers, your coaches, your referees – everyone! Accept people as they are. Value all points of view, even if they are different than yours. Be open to being wrong. Be supportive of your teammates and friends. Be kind and respect yourself!

I. Intelligence – Having the mental capability to reason, plan, solve problems, think outside the box, comprehend and learn quickly and to learn from experience. Kids will make mistakes at home, at school, on the athletic field, and in life. Having the intelligence to learn from those mistakes is what we strive for!

D. Determination – The quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult. School can be difficult. Playing sports can be difficult. Kids with more determination can have greater success in life than the ones with the greater talent!

E. Effort – Using physical or mental energy to do something. School requires both. Sports require both. And success in life definitely requires both. Like the great Michael Jordan said, ‘I can accept failure, I can’t accept not trying.’

Have PRIDE in your Community
Have PRIDE in your Family
Have PRIDE in your Education
Have PRIDE in your Team

…most importantly, have PRIDE in YOURSELF!