Pricing Plans

2019 Team and Training Options (Grades 2nd – 7th)

INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY is committed to providing the highest level of basketball teams, training and competition in the Indianapolis area.  We are also committed to pricing our programs so all players have the access and ability to participate in state of the art basketball training.  We are confident that INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY pricing is amongst the lowest when compared to other area programs.  Come be on a team and train with our diverse and talented group of players and coaches at a fraction of the costs of other programs!  Last, INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY has formed strategic partners that provide volunteer opportunities to help cover team and training costs for families that need the help.  INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY is open and affordable to all!


Want to coach an INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY team?  Create your own squad!  INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY leadership will guide you through the process.  We will help assemble teams that fit your child’s needs.  In addition, through the INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY training sessions, you and your child will have the opportunity to meet other parents and children with similar skill sets and common goals.  Stop wasting time and money at the for-profit programs only to have your child overlooked and underdeveloped!

  1. $300.00/player for each IYBL session (typical session last 2-3 months and approx. 5 sessions/year)
  2. Team fee includes INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY training sessions
  3. IYBL weekend game(s)

INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY teams play locally in the IYBL, in addition, will have opportunities to play with your team in regional AAU tournaments!  Players are encouraged to participate in INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY training when not practicing or playing games with their team, it’s included in your team fee!  Players need more than just team practices and games to improve!

Next IYBL session begins January 12, 2019.  $300.00 TEAM FEE DUE BY JANUARY 4TH, 2019.  If fee not paid then player will not be eligible to play for any of our INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY teams.

Attention coaches:  Weekly INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY training sessions are included in the $300.00 team fee, however, each coach will be responsible for scheduling any additional team practices for his/her team.  Any additional gym time for team practices will be at teams own expense.  Every coach is REQUIRED to attend our coaching certification workshop in order to have a team.  Our workshops (conducted by local area high school coaches) will educate our coaches in areas of sportsmanship, code of conduct, and set out values and expectations of having a INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY team.  There are also additional mandatory certifications required to coach your own team.

Coaches interested in having a team please contact Coach Daniels for details.  Workshop was be held December 19th, 2018 for IYBL 2019 Jan/Feb session.  Next available workshop TBD.


In order to play for one of our selected INDIANA PRIDE TRAVEL teams, players must be a current player on one of our INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY teams playing in the IYBL.   Also, the player’s INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY account must be paid in full and current to be eligible to participate on any of the INDIANA PRIDE TRAVEL teams.  We will assemble INDIANA PRIDE TRAVEL teams from the eligible pool of players for each tournament to play under our brand.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors, there is no additional charge to participate on any of our INDIANA PRIDE TRAVEL teams. However, each player will be responsible for all their own travel, hotel accommodations, and other expenses that may be incurred to attend tournaments.


Training is included in the above INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY team fee.  If you already paid $300.00 team fee to play on an INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY team, you DO NOT need to purchase training sessions, these are included in your team fee!

However, if your child would like to remain with their current team or club, but still wants to train with INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY, you can purchase training sessions separately.

  1. $20.00/session (at the door)
  2. $160.00/package of 10
  3. $300.00/package of 20

Training sessions are open to all players from any other academies, schools, teams, leagues, etc.  Players do not have to play for an INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY team to train with the best in the area.  Check our EVENTS page for times and locations of trainings.  Get an advantage, train with INDIANA PRIDE ACADEMY!

Attention parents:  We encourage parents to attend and observe the training sessions.  However, we ask that all observers stay off the training courts and refrain from any sideline coaching during the sessions.  This helps make the training process more effective and less distracting for ALL the players participating!  We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Player Registration Payment